Aerial Yoga Class

Aerial yoga has become a growing fitness trend. It is a perfect way to make you feel better and have more energy. 

Those in the public eye often turn to aerial yoga as physical fitness. Celebrities love aerial yoga because it benefits their health and makes for stunning photos. Social media users are more likely to see aerial yoga images because of their artistry and aesthetic appeal.

Read on to discover more about aerial yoga and well-known figures who practice it.

What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga is a mind-body practice incorporating elements of gymnastics, dance, Pilates, and the circus arts into a traditional Hatha yoga practice. Specifically, it employs an aerial hammock, also known as aerial silk, to achieve this. The instructor guides the students through a variety of asanas (postures), meditation strategies (techniques), and calisthenic movements (yoga hammock).

Aerial yoga is a form of graceful and flowing exercise, perfect for relaxing the mind and improving your mood.

Each aerial yoga class differs and may range from a gentle, restorative session to an intense workout (including HIIT — High-intensity interval training — movements). Some instructors may emphasise the choreography of the practice with elegant moves inspired by ballet or aerial silk artists.

5 Well Known Figures in Aerial Yoga

Sarah Hyland

The American actress Sarah Hyland enjoys practising aerial yoga. She likes stepping out of her box and trying new fun things for herself! 

Sarah Farhoud

Sarah Farhoud is a famous Saudi aerial fitness freelancer and yoga teacher. She is well-known as an inspiring coach and doctor in charge of the Saudi Paralympic team for the 2021 Games in Tokyo. Sarah Farhoud has been a fan of sports since she was a teenager. When she was 19, she began working as a fitness trainer in a gym while attending medical school. She could have become an athlete herself, but she chose to combine her two passions with helping other athletes discover and grow. She became a physical therapist focused on physical and rehabilitation medicine, or PMR medicine.

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt is a famous Indian actress fond of the “flying yoga” poses. As part of her exhaustive exercise regimen, she incorporates yoga. It’s not uncommon for her to choose to unwind in a hammock when she has some free time. Alia regularly shares Instagram posts documenting her aerial yoga practice.

Sara Ali Khan

The Indian actress’s journey to lose weight has been very inspiring, and we can’t help but be impressed by how well she’s gotten at aerial yoga. All of this is happening while she is on vacation in the Maldives! Regarding fitness, it’s clear that there are no excuses.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

The famous Indian actress and mother of two children firmly believe in aerial yoga’s benefits for maintaining a healthy and attractive lifestyle. Kareena is displaying beautiful inverted yoga. She is improving her health and increasing blood flow by inverting in a hammock.